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We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

Relationships are often where darkness enters into our reality. This darkness will be replaced by the light of love if we are open to learning the lessons these relationships offer us. It is within these relationships we are confronted with our weaknesses and where we are encouraged to grow.

Relationships are the greatest classrooms of the Holy Spirit. It is here we are the most challenged and are taught some of the most important lessons of this life. When we realize this truth we can begin to welcome conflict and its ability to illuminate our path towards growth and love.

Learning to love in a pure and spiritually authentic way is the gift of being open to God’s directional influence within our relationships with each other.

Let this truth resonate in our hearts as we discover what lessons God wants for us to learn! Yes these lessons often in the relationships that we hold the most dear!

God loves each of us so very much! We can rest in knowing these lessons will always be for our better good. Amen.


The time we spend resting is the time we spend healing and recovering from life. We need this time to be healthy and whole.

We often care for others who are tired, who are sick and who are weak…. yet we feel guilty taking care of ourselves. Resting is the loving thing to do! We can show love to ourselves by making rest a priority.

Taking the time to rest increases our ability to love by first extending love to ourselves. Once rested we will have more resources to share love with others. Taking time to refuel, rest and be rejuvenated is truly an act of love… one that benefits us all.



Is it true I gain from the status quo?
Is there more for me when there is less for you?
Is it true not all can enjoy success?
For me to win you must lose?

Is it true that I am part of a privileged few?
Do I ignore your needs when I consume my wants?
Is it true that I do not know true love?
Do you see me as selfish?
Do I not see you at all?

Is it true we live in different worlds?
Can you forgive me for I know not what I don’t do?
Is it true all you are wanting is what I have yet don’t really need?
Do you see that I want what you have as well?

Is it true this cannot be reconciled?
Are there always going to be many more questions than answers?
Will we ever understand each other?
Can we ever understand the meaning of life?

The answers, the truth I might never know, until across the veil I go.



This post was inspired by my reading of the theologically classic book ‘The Kingdom of God is Within You’ by Leo Tolstoy and by, of course, life here in the Midwest as a middle-class, hetero-married, Caucasian woman. Life, it seems, is definitely NOT fair.

Have you ever wondered why some folks have spiritual experiences and yet others struggle to even maintain their faith?

Faith in a loving God is not an easy thing, especially for those who crave to know God is truly with them in their struggles and in the trenches of this life!

Why is it that some experience miracles and can hear God’s voice clearly at times, and yet others even more eager to listen to God, hear nothing?

Do you feel abandoned by God? Do you crave to hear God’s voice like Moses did through the burning bush so many years ago? Are you waiting for a miracle to squelch out your doubts and fears that God has forgotten you? Are you hoping to shake the feeling that God doesn’t really care?

If so, I understand. I get it. I’ve been there with doubt and indifference. I have screamed towards the Heavens demanding God show me He cares. I have felt lost, alone and abandoned. I have felt resentful and confused. I have prayed for a miracle, without an immediate answer.

It is hard to have authentic Faith in something or someone you cannot see or hear even if it is something you hope for with all your heart!

Quiet nudges from God can seem to be just wishful thinking. Answers to prayer can seem like a pleasant turn of luck. Divine interceding can seem like a mere coincidence. It can feel like God may not want you to know He has any interest or affect in your life at all.

I believe God has a soft spot for doubters. Just like doubting Thomas, I believe God wants each of us to know He is real. God wants us to know He is fully present within the daily struggles of our lives.

The frustrating truth is that God doesn’t always speak to us in ways that we can clearly comprehend… and yet, I believe God always will answer us if we but ask to have our ears opened to hear. We must also keep an open mind as God often seems to enjoy connecting with us in ways we least expect! Expecting the unexpected is the best approach while waiting to hear God speak to you.

Sometimes God’s voice is a whisper, and other times it’s a slap on the head! Each time we will know he is present and willing to help us out of each situation we might find ourselves entangled in.

Very few of us however will be blessed with a burning bush… but it is my prayer that each ear that listens will one day, sooner than later, hear the clear voice of God.


Take notice of what steals your peace and you will learn where you need to grow.

Once this enters your consciousness situations that challenge you to grow will appear.

You will have infinite opportunities to learn the lessons needed to embrace the Peace that you are entitled to as a child of the Spirit.

Worry not that you will be left to learn these lessons all on your own! God will always provide you with what you need to accomplish any spiritual task that is within His Plan for your life!

Take notice of where pain is entering your life. Release it to God and take notice of the miracles that appear to help you remove all blocks towards Peace.

These miracles may appear as people that cross your path or resourses that manifest when you have a need.

These miracles are gifts from God to help bring you the Peace that is your inheritance as one of God’s beloved!



True Love comes with no ties or expectations, and offers no pain.

It is given freely and without any trade, or need to control.

Without expectations we are released from the other ever being able to harm us emotionally.

True Love never harms, is enduring, forgiving, gentle, kind and good… and has no strings attached.

With True Love you release the need to “get” and are focused on how best to “give”.

True love never demands the sacrifice of the true self, and acknowledges the divinity within both the giver and the receiver.

True love offers the humble awareness that in Creation there is no one more lovable to God than another.

Love all.


I have come to realize we can never be good enough for this world. We cannot be nice enough, thin enough, not rich enough, not talented enough, not giving enough, not organized enough, not smart enough… so I gave it up.

There seems to be a catch… many people have not given up their expectations for me. I disappoint them, annoy them, frustrate them… and why shouldn’t I? My lack of perfection is quite clear… and I don’t try to hide it.

I will often volunteer my mishaps, my embarrassing moments, my mistakes, my regrets, my weaknesses to others. No, it’s not false humility, or for attention, it feels like almost a confession of sorts. I confess to you all that I’m not perfect, so, guess what?! You don’t have to be either!

Yet, others could use this information against me I suppose. I could be gossiped about, undermined, back-stabbed or betrayed, yet this does not deter me. Announcing my humanity is too important to let petty fears or insecurities stop me from what I believe is an important act of love.

Love requires us to be authentic and vulnerable. Love requires we are open to one another. We often can relate to each other through our weaknesses. We can truly connect to each other when we have a glimpse of each others “real”ness!

The truth is, if we want to make everyone happy all the time and never ever make a mistake… it is an impossible goal. We cannot ever be perfect enough to gain admiration or continual love from the world or anyone in it. The world’s rules are set up to sabotage us and to pull us into darkness.

Our hope lies in accepting our brokenness and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. With God’s grace and with the encouragement of others, some days we might succeed in being a better version of ourselves. Yet, there will be many days we will fall and fail and flail around wondering if we will ever get it right!

With God in our hearts and with Love as our focus we can let go of trying to be better than everyone else. We can let go of trying to become what others expect of us. We can let go of comparisons. We can let go of the false-idol of Perfectionism and be humbled by this truth:
We can never be good enough for this world, but we are always good enough for God.Jesus came to let us know we are saved… not by anything we could ever do, but because of who we are… God’s precious children!


When we come closer to love we come closer to God and to all that He wills for us. I firmly believe we each are here in this life to learn to love. Some are challenged by trying to love others, some are challenged to learn to love themselves.

Love is the key to the answer to life… to experience the spirit of love is to feel the presence of God. The world likes to trick us into thinking love is attraction, passion, excitement… yet this love is often fleeting and illusionary at best.

Spiritual Love… REAL Love has more depth, more gentleness, more kindness, more patience, more forgiveness, more peace than the world’s version could ever offer!

God is Love. Where Love resides, God is there also!


So many of us struggle silently amidst an outwardly seemingly perfect life. We smile, we laugh yet our hearts are quietly breaking.

How is it that we don’t fall apart? It’s a miracle most days to make it to the end without giving up. Many days it’s amazing we don’t quit the game all together. Few would blame us if they knew our private struggles. And yet, we struggle on, doing the best we can.

We have not been left here to fix our brokenness all on our own. There is help and hope for each of us within our darkness and despair!

Amidst the crumble of our breaking hearts God provides the glue. He takes the pieces in His hand and holds us together with His Love.



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