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We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

The quest for perfection is filled with folly. We can only do our best, and even with our earnest efforts we are guaranteed to fall short!

We should never be ashamed of our imperfections, as if they define us or predict our value. Not one of us is perfect, nor can we ever be!

Through the cracks of our defects we let can God in. It is through these cracks where God’s Love can shine into our hearts and into our lives.

I was reminded today how when we mess up sometimes God’s love can flow to us through others. Through their grace and forgiveness we are reminded we are still loved and love-able! What an amazing gift that is!

Through our imperfections we are shown that we are loved not because we deserve it or because we have earned it… but just because we are one of His own.


When we can’t do it all on our own, we then can admit we need each other.

We need each other for forgiveness… for strength… for encouragement… for help… for healing… and to share the burdens and joys of our life journey.

We were not created to be autonomous but to live in life’s Garden together.

This is how God intended for us to live… together in harmony, walking together in peace… and in love!❤️Ann


Time, time, it’s a funny thing. We want more of it and yet we want it to hurry up! We often want to rewind it yet we yearn also for a later date to come. Time passes no matter our efforts or denial. Time is a factor in this life and will keep going and going and going no matter what.

At the end of time there is: The End. All seasons must pass as goes the rhythm of life. No sense in holding on or grasping to what was… it is gone and now contains a new reality, and a new hope.

The End. So final, yet so full of promise! For there never is an end that does not follow closely behind with a new beginning! This beginning when embraced brings us closer to love.


If we look towards God we will be saved from the distractions of the world and the evil that wants to consume us. When we turn towards God we see God’s arms are open and ready to embrace us with total acceptance and love! We are redeemed by the transformative power of God.

God is my redeemer… may I continue to be redeemed every day of my life!


Women of Faith Conference came to Indianapolis this week-end and I had the wonderful opportunity to go! We sang together, prayed together, and God spoke to each of us in a way only God can!

Get ready for a new wave of blog posts that share some of the things God revealed to me during this Spirit infused week-end! I introduced myself (and my blog) to a few ladies during the lunch break and hope some of them come visit us here! 😊

Thank you God for wonderful week-ends such as this that bless so many women of Faith!

When you think of others before you think of yourself, you are humble.

When you are less concerned about what others are thinking of you and more concerned about how they are feeling, you are humble.

When you are not concerned about what you are getting form others, but how you can give, you are humble.

When you think less of your own popularity and more about lifting other people up, you are humble.

Humility is a state of mind in which we understand we are no more valuable, important or precious than our brother or sister, father or mother, friend or foe!

We are humbled when we can finally focus our attention on others and are no longer obsessed with ourselves.
Humility is a beautiful act of love.


Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.
Philippians 2:3 (NIV)

Pain offers us a choice. One choice leads to life and light and the other to suffering and death. The choice, of course, is ours.

Pain absolutely can destroy us if we let it. With the fuel of our pain we can perpetuate it’s destruction. Each of us know folks who have let pain destroy their lives and ruin the lives of those they love or who randomly cross their path. This is so tragic. It does not have to be so.

It is my hope that I always remember this myself. Pain is an invitation for us to ask for help from our Earthy family as well as from those beyond the veil, including God Himself. Unless we look outside for help and look beyond our pain, it can and will destroy us.

There are those who survive unbelievable circumstances and suffering. Without exception these folks open up their lives to others for healing and hope. They are seekers seeking solutions, remedies and healing. Actively looking outward from their pain they can see the miracles that appear in their path and embrace them!

From addicts in 12-step groups to grieving mothers who are a part of support groups, those in pain often find each other and together can pull each other through. Together with the power of love those who suffer pain can a live life more abundantly.


(This post was inspired by a response to another comment on my blog.)


When people treat you poorly and you wonder what to do: choose love. Love forgives, love is patient, love is kind. Love is humble and hopeful.

When people treat you poorly it’s most often not about you but it is about their fears, their weaknesses and their darkness.

The last thing love does is take things personal. It’s not about you! It’s about an opportunity for you to love and to forgive.

When you have been wronged it is best to bravely share your heart and your hurt. This is how light is shined into darkness.

Does love set boundaries? Absolutely! Love does not passively tolerate mistreatment or abuse. Love is how you find your way out of conflict and pain, towards healing & peace.

By choosing love we assure it is God’s light…. The light of miracles and of hope that can transform any heart and any situation to good. Trust this light and your heart will be at peace.

❤️Ann ‘Not Just A Blonde’


Loving our Earth is loving ourselves and each other… and God. We are all connected. We will begin to heal our hearts, bodies and minds when we remember this truth.


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