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We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

  Pain propels us towards spiritual and personal growth. Who is willing to make a change if they are comfortable? It is our discomfort and pain that encourage us and even at times force us to make changes, take risks and grow! Pain is not the enemy, complacency is. Welcome the pains in your life as potential passageways to a better tomorrow and a more fulfilling life. Love on.


 Be a collector of Blessings not Offenses. 

Blessings are good things that happen, things you receive that you don’t particularly deserve or that you haven’t earned in some way. It’s Life’s Grace in action. 
Collecting offenses is when you take note of negativity. We collect offenses by placing in list form of all the things that others in this life throws at you unintentionally that impact your psyche in a negative way. 
Collecting offenses can feel like it protects you from further offenses, but truthfully it just attracts more to you. It is much better to place your thoughts into the positive things in this life… in this way you will be blessed more and more.


People cannot give you what they do not have. At times it isn’t that our expectations for others are too high, too demanding or out of line with what we deserve… it is that the one we expect it from does not have it to give. Many things can contribute to this sad truth such as: tragedy, abuse, trauma, loss or tremendous amounts of stress. Becoming angry or resentful accomplishes nothing but increases the pain for all involved. 

If someone cannot give you what you need, sometimes the best action is forgiveness and the space and time to heal. You are are worthy of being treated with respect, honor, and love… if someone is unable or unwilling to love you in the way you deserve there is no need to become resentful… pray for their healing and gently release them to God.



Forcing love just does not work. Specifically, holding onto a relationship that needs to evolve causes pain. It is not beneficial to resist change nor is it the loving thing to do for ourselves or for another. Change is indeed one of the few constants in this life! 

Holding on to a relationship you are invested in is understandable! Most of us resist change, particularly if we feel the change may bring us heartbreak or discomfort. Yet, parents need to adjust to the changes in their growing children or risk arrested development. Teachers need to let the students promote on and enter into their next phase of learning or release them to graduate to begin their life’s work. Even lovers at times need to let go if they are no longer able to truly be themselves, or if they struggle with not being loved or feeling able to love in the way that the other person needs. True love doesn’t trap, coerce, or force… true love is freeing, selfless and without harm.

Holding onto someone and forcing them to love us as we feel we need to be loved is selfish. Sure, we can let our request be known, but the choice is not ours but it is theirs to give or withhold. We must accept what is and not try to force it to be what it assuredly is not. 

Changes in relationship and in love should not distress us! Sometimes these changes bring with them new blessings and an opportunity to experience new joys! Earthly love will always ebb and flow with life’s Seasons… ever changing. We can’t force love to stay the same.

There is one thing that will never change: a Source of Love beyond all measure. This Love will always be there to care for our every hurt, every pain, every need! This Love is the Divine Love of God and is without limit.

Yes, Truly the love we receive from others is a blessing in this life, however God’s love for us is our greatest gift and is a Perfect Love like no other. We must realize that the love we share with others was never intended to fulfill us completely nor meet our every need. This love is but a reminder to us, a small introduction to the eternal Perfect Love of God that one day, if we so choose, we will each experience and enjoy. 


  The Golden Rule that we learn as children, of treating others as you would want to be treated, happens to be the most important rule you will ever learn in this life. The Golden Rule’s true expression involves treating others how you would want to be treated: with respect, compassion, kindness, patience, generosity, and love. 

This rule should not be interpreted with the ego, but with the spirit. The ego may interpret this as saying if I like hugs I should hug others… but we must consider what is the intent behind the hug? If the hug is to communicate love, concern, and connection, then it is best if we share the intent behind the hug with consideration of the values and preferences of the recipient. If a person does not enjoy physical touch, we are encouraged to express ourselves in a different way that will share these values in a way that is more meaningful. 

The Golden Rule involves sharing values and principles that envelop the way each of us feel cared for, respected and loved. The highest form of compliance to this sacred rule is when we consider the feelings of the one receiving. The Golden Rule is NOT about what we DO, but is about how we make each other FEEL. Love on.



When you want to give up, call it quits, throw in the towel, knowing that you’ve done ALL you can… stop and pray for God to lead your way. God will either hold open the door or He will spring open the shade to shed new light onto your circumstances. Giving up doesn’t mean all is lost, often it means we are lost and need to let God lead the way. Peace. ✌🏼



 What if you realized you were chasing the wrong things in this life? Would you feel despair? Relief? 

Often our desires are misplaced as we chase things the world says matter: beauty, popularity, accomplishment, money, status… but what if you found out these things don’t matter? What if you realized you were being fed a lie? 

Well, we are each being lied to by this world! It is up to each of us whether or not we listen to the world’s deceptive voice or learn to turn our hearts to the One who created us for SO much more! ❤️Ann

  God’s Peace and Joy are ours no matter what is going on externally. No one can take away what is rightfully ours unless we give it away. Let go of the need to have events or people a certain way before you can claim your happiness and your peace. Know God is with us through every trial and every triumph. Love can only win when we let go of the need to control what is and open ourselves up to the possibility of what can be. Love on. ❤️Ann


Ego is only our earth-self… but our soul is the part of us that is eternal! Sometimes I get soooo frustrated with my ego and it’s antics… yet the ego is a part of our earth-self that is likely here to stay. The best I can do is recognize its voice and never let it drive my ship. If I can learn to love my ego but not buy into it’s drama then I can enjoy my earth journey without compromising my soul. 


Don’t be fooled by others tough exteriors… often the most vulnerable and wounded try to protect themselves by covering up their pain with a cloak of false confidence and strength. Sometimes those who appear the strongest are actually the weakest and those that seem the most self-assured are filled with the biggest doubts. 

Love others even if they don’t act like they need it or want it. Love them with your thoughts, with your forgiveness and with your prayers. Truly they are likely fighting battles you will never see nor fully comprehend… battles within their own soul. 

This is why we must love the person not based on their appearances or behaviors but for their true selves… the part that lies within each of us…the soul-part that connects them to God and therefore us to them as we are all connected through God’s ALL-encompassing love. 

Just remember: The ones who act like they are not hurting at all are often the ones who are hurting the most. Therefore, let’s be gentle with each other, love each other and encourage each other not based on how we appear but based on the truth: we are all God’s children deserving of Love. 



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