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We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…


Hello August! I made it through another 30 day challenge! I committed at the beginning of the month to work out everyday for at least 30 minutes a day and I did it! It was MUCH easier than my last 30 day challenge of no sugar! Adding a new habit was much easier than letting go of a bad one, let me tell you! 

What have I gained from this challenge? A more fit body I am sure, but not only that! I’ve noticed an increase in clarity of my mind and an increase in peace. This is one new habit I plan on keeping up… it’s just been to successful to let go! ❤️Ann


Isn’t it true that you can have all it takes to truly be happy and yet be completely miserable? So many of us do not see the treasures within our midst. Even if pointed out by another we scoff and look away, looking then towards those things we believe we are lacking. Getting everything we want in this material realm does not assure contentment in this life. How tragic for those of us who devote so much of our time and energy chasing this lie! 

What happens when we achieve it all? The twisted game continues as there is always more… bigger house in a better neighborhood, the promotion at work, the prestigious award, the higher-end car, the more exotic vacation, smaller waistline, better health, better looks, a more doting spouse, well-behaved and appreciative children, and on and on and on… and yet, those things never will satisfy beyond the moment. 

God is with us in our midst waiting to take our hands and show us what true life is all about. It is not what we have in our grasp or in our possession but what we give to the world! Our happiness lies in contentment with what God has given us for this day as our daily bread as we reach out in faith to feed our brothers. God wants us to know that we already have enough, and those needs we are lacking He will provide when we look towards Him. 

The letting go of our ambitions is never easy because the lie is strong. It taunts us and tempts us away from our happiness. We fear letting go and falling into the depths of despair! That’s why this message is so important: you have all you need in this moment to be happy. 

Let go of the lie and look around at what you have… the many, many blessings. This is where true happiness is, it is when we realize what we have in this life matters not! Our biggest treasure is beyond what most of us can see, touch or feel! The basis of true happiness and peace flows outwards from our souls in the form of the love-infused life-energy of the Divine! This is where happiness lies… within the God-sparked love in our hearts.



How do you love? This question is more important that you think! How we love says much about the status of our happiness and the amount of peace we feel in this life! More specifically, how do you show it to yourself? I challenge you to pay attention to how you show yourself love! What things do you do to nurture yourself? We all could use a little more love in our lives couldn’t we?! Focusing more love upon ourselves will bring more love into our hearts, then we will have more to share! So tell me… I was just wondering… how do you love you?❤️Ann


There is great power in sharing our feelings and fears with others, those outside of ourselves. Somehow when our fears are brought outside of us we can see them for what they are: irrational, unlikely to come to pass, unreasonable, and unworthy of fearing. Sharing our fear with others brings it out of darkness and into the light, dispelling it’s power and releasing us from it’s grasp. Once in the light we can then make decisions based not on fear but on the love we have for others, for ourselves and for God! This is what will keep us on the right path towards our purpose and our peace.❤️Ann


What is your soul searching for in this life? Whinin each of us is a passion that is uniquely our own. Listen carefully in the silence. On our journey of life nothing will bring us greater peace than listening to the voice of the Divine that guides us from within. We are lead down a path towards peace that passes understanding and towards Love that knows no bounds! ❤️Ann


Part of my spiritual journey is trying to live a healthier life. Last month I went 30 days without sugar. So now here I am experiencing life post sugar-detox… and what have I noticed? 

Well, for one, I noticed the huge SUGAR CRASH that follows any indulgence of a highly sugary treat such as a cup of my favorite frozen yogurt with toppings or an iced caramel macchiato. It’s true! Each time I have indulged in these sugary delights, not soon after I become lethargic and sleepy with a bad case of brain fog that slows me WAY down throughout my day. Because of my 30 Day Sugar-Free Challenge and sugar detox I am much more aware of how eating or drinking sugar makes me FEEL… and this was an important lesson for me. 

So, for now I’ve stopping drinking anything other than a café latte at Starbucks and have decided to indulge in my favorite frozen yogurt no more than once a week. I’ve decided to pay attention to what my body is telling me and to eat accordingly. This is something this sugar addict resisted before… but after this challenge it is SO much easier to see how much better I will feel if I really try to avoid a Sugar Crash! 



It’s been a couple of weeks now since I concluded my 30 day sugar-free challenge and I’d like to offer you an update! I’m pleased to say that the 30 day challenge was indeed a success. I was being consumed by sugar cravings and eating a sugar dominated diet. I was addicted… and I believe I still am! However, for now, I am not suffering from the intense cravings I once was, and I’m definitely not eating as much sugar as I was prior to this 30 day journey! I’m still drinking unsweetened tea, enjoying my café latte with only steamed milk and I can say no to sugary treats much easier than ever before! I’m definitely happy I suffered through it and will do it again if I feel sugar start to control me. 

For all of you on this journey… keep up the hard work! For those of you just starting… you can do it! For those of you trying to decide… just know it is completely WORTH IT! 
I’m 2 weeks post sugar-free challenge and I’m happy to be living sugar-craving free! 


Self-reflection is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to ourselves. Most of us are too scared to do it! Yet, what are we scared of? Most likely it is the fear that if we look closely enough we won’t like what we see… or that we will discover we are unlovable and irreparably flawed. 

I can guarantee we will always find room for growth and yet this is so much more a strength than a weakness! If we can set our egos aside and seek out a path towards healing and towards personal growth we will benefit greatly from our efforts! Not only will we find greater happiness and peace through self-reflection and introspection but those who surround us on our life’s journey will as well. 

Go ahead and take the time for self-reflection… you will find yourself on the path towards a better tomorrow… God knows you’re worth this sacred gift.



In the craziness of this life it is easy to get distracted and disturbed. There are many energies tugging at our attention and begging us to give them our peace. We get carried away by life’s current and fight against those unseen forces that seem to be pushing us along against our will. 

Where is God within this drama? He is there, always there. He is speaking to us in the stillness between our thoughts. He is in the quiet of our mind. He is in the beating of our hearts and in the air that we are breathing… we are surrounded by God’s Perfect presence and God’s essence is within us. 

Despite our blindness to the Divine, the Love of God never wavers, never fades, never slips away. Our souls are cared for and loved. Our souls are safe and protected. Once we turn towards the Light and quiet the chatter within, we will hear and we will see God is waiting within to let us know: All Is Well With Our Soul. 



A little something sweet I ate today… Actually the only something sweet! Unsweetened Greek yogurt with ripe raspberries and raw honey drizzled on top… delicious! 

I’m doing VERY well with managing my sugar consumption lately. I do believe that the 30 Day Sugar-Free Challenge definitely helped me detox! Honey now tastes better… and sweeter than ever! 🐝



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