Not Just A Blonde

We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…


Love is ever-present in our lives. Many times we believe we are lost and alone in the darkness of our circumstances yet we never are. We only need to open our eyes and our hearts to see the love that is there. The love that can lead us through our troubled times may not look like the love we expected or wanted but it is what will save us. This love will lead us to the peace we crave and into the light. Never fear, love is always, always near.❤️Ann


We all get fearful and discouraged sometimes. It is natural to pull into ourselves and withdraw a bit as we protect our hearts and heal our wounds. Yet, we must always remember the source of true healing comes from a Source beyond our self-limiting illusions. When things get you down it is indeed best to look up toward hope, towards faith and towards Love. Love on.❤️Ann


Isn’t it the sad truth that we are taught so much more by our enemies and those who irritate us than those who are within our inner circles and those who we easily love? From those we dislike we learn patience, forgiveness, humility, acceptance, and most importantly how to truly Love.
We learn from those that challenge us the kind of love that expects nothing from the other but sees them as God does and recognizes their inherent value and worth. These are the lessons that will define us and our lives. These are the lessons that’s when learned will bring us closer to God… and closer to the peace and love that each one of us craves. Love on.❤️Ann


Sometimes we can find unexpected treasures in unexpected places… these treasures are often overlooked by others yet they hold priceless value! How blessed is the one who stumbles upon it along their path, stops to take notice and tenderly takes this treasure into their hand… or into their heart.❤️Ann


Free yourself to be yourself!
I’m in a place where I am trying to embrace my uniqueness. I’m letting go of the need to be understood or liked. 

There is a freedom with this. A freedom that allows me to dance to my own rhythm and find my own special place in this big beautiful world that we call home. 

Not everyone will “get” me… nor will I always “get” them, but that doesn’t mean one of us is right and the other is wrong. It just means we shine a different hue. And that’s okay. The most beautiful thing about life is how it is filled with many colors. 

Be yourself and you can learn to love yourself. Love yourself and you can better love others. Love on.



My heart aches for the family and loved ones of those lost in this senseless tragedy. May we all send love and prayers their way as they try to come to terms with such an inconceivable act. Fear and hate will not have the last word. Love on. 



What you look for you will find. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to find a reason to be angry you will find it. If you are looking for a reason to be sad, you will find this as well. 
The good news is if you focus your thoughts on things you are grateful for you will feel both gratitude and contentment. If you focus on love you will find more love in your life as well, both to give and to receive. 
This truth has been tested time and time again and yet we continue to fight it. It seems easier to place the blame for our misery and unhappiness outside of ourselves on people and things we cannot control. Yes, the truth is what we focus on will bring more of that, whatever “that” is, into our lives. Whatever is on our inside  is reflected back. We create these things as we are ones that are holding the mirror of our lives. 
Truly, we will find what we are looking for every single time. ❤️Ann


We each have treasures tucked inside our hearts and inside our minds. As we discover these treasures inside each of us, even as we uncover them within ourselves, we experience the joy of discovery and the awe of authentic existence. 
Each of us are brilliantly unique. We are each carrying something within us that cannot be duplicated identically by another. By uncovering these hidden gifts and spiritual treasures we can see what little piece of heaven we have been entrusted to bring unto this life… and how we are called to Love. 

Embrace the adventure of self-discovery! This spiritual journey called life will be enriched all the more for it! 

Love on.



Taking care of yourself, nurturing yourself, & assuring your basic needs are met is not a selfish act! The healthier and happier we are the better equipped we are to love others. So go ahead, love yourself! Remember: loving yourself does not mean you place your value above others… but it doesn’t place you below them either. Love on.❤️Ann

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