Not Just A Blonde

We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

There comes a time in many of our lives where we need to go “find ourselves”. What that often means is that we have come to realize we can no longer expect others to make us happy, keep us happy or even to be happy themselves. We yearn to “find ourselves” in greater happiness as what we have created no longer is working… if it ever did. We realize if we want happiness we must find it ourselves… happiness is up to us. 💜
No longer do we wait for permission to be happy, we no longer hesitate to make choices that bring happiness to us and no longer do we shrink our happiness potential down to the comfort level of happiness that others might have for themselves. 💜
No longer do we blame others when we aren’t happy. No longer do we try to control others so we can be happy ourselves. No longer do we resent or judge the happiness of others, we celebrate it and are inspired by it as we seek it out for ourselves.
We stop expecting others to do things for our happiness that often we aren’t willing to do for ourselves! If clean floors make us happy: we mop them. If eating cookies makes us happy: we bake them. If listening to music makes us happy: we turn up the stereo (or wear some really cool headphones) and dance like we never have before! 💜
We now see clearly that we are the only thing in the way of our own happiness. We understand that “finding ourselves” in a happier place is an action only we can take and often we need not go anywhere at all to find it. 💜

So let us surround ourselves today with others who enhance the happiness we ourselves have already created. 💜

Sparkling on the inside… smiling on the out! ✨

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