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We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

We are the ones that have to look ourselves in the eye and tell ourselves the things we need to hear. We are the ones that have to believe them. Love starts here… love starts within. 


God is as available to each of us as the air that we breathe. We do not have to search for it or earn the right to breathe it. It is free to each of us without condition. Like the air, God is here surrounding us and within us. Just breathe. ✨


We have the power to change our lives simply by changing ourselves. ✨❤️✨

Change yourself, change your life. You’ve heard it and it’s true. It’s the changing ourselves that is the hard part. Denial, fear, or just plain lack of insight keep us stuck in patterns of behavior and thoughts that perpetuate our unhappiness. 
How easy it is to blame others for our pain and our suffering! This is not to say that other’s negative behaviors don’t affect us, only that WE are responsible for being a part of the dynamic that allowed for it to be. We are also just as responsible for our reaction. 

This is where the power to change comes in! When we are able to identify and then change in ourselves the things that we are doing (or not doing) that keep us stuck, that is when our life is transformed. By focusing our energy on ourselves we will begin to experience the relationships and the life that we dream of! 

We must not wait or depend on anyone else to begin living a better life. Often nothing will ever change… until we do. 

#change ✨ 😉💖

I believe often that people who judge other people are just distracting (or attempting to distract) their psyche from their own self-judgment, self-loathing, and self-hate. Learning to love, accept and forgive others must first follow learning to love, accept and forgive ourselves. 


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It’s easy to be happy when everyone around you is happy. It takes great strength and resolve to maintain happiness when surrounded by sadness and negativity. If we depend on others to bring it to us we will find ourselves at the whim of others moods and emotions. Happiness is best found from within. 

Happiness is a beautiful mixture of peace and joy. To find happiness within we must cultivate peace. To experience happiness we must also find our joy. 

Decide today to no longer seek happiness from outside sources but to find your happiness from within.


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Shhhhh, already! Quiet that voice that hates you… you know, the one that goes on (and on, and on…) about how much you suck. The one that rubs into your face your imperfections, and minimizes your value and worth. The one that tells lies just because it can. 

Silence that voice… tell it firmly to shut up. When you do, listen to the whispers of your heart. The sweet gentle voice that tells you you are enough, you are worthy… you are not only lovable, but you are always and forever LOVED. 


In this moment I send Gratitude into the Universe as I let go of the need for others to accept me, like me and approve of all that I say or do.

The striving for everyone to like me is pointless! Unless I give away or deny parts of myself on a daily basis I can never come close to this futile goal.

So why did I do it? In the past it was out of fear; fear that included me not trusting my own viewpoints or values. It came down to me not believing I mattered just as much as another. I feared being selfish or self-centered by asking to get my needs met or my opinions respected. 

My need to be liked came from the fear that I may behave in a way that would be unloving or offensive to those that matter most to me. Ironically, this fear caused me to not speak out, not speak up, and hide my truth from those who I love… shutting them out of any true potential to know me and authentically love me for who I really am. This sabotaged trust and intimacy in the very relationships that matter the most to me. 

I believed the lie that perhaps others unrealistic expectations of me were achievable… but today I see clearly they are not. 

So today I am Grateful to those vocal few who do not like what I say, unapproved of how I say it, and judge my actions and choices. It is with learning to let go of their influence on my mood, my peace and my behavior that I can embrace the truth… it’s not personal as those critics will always tend to find fault with others, not just me! Some folks will continue to focus on all that is wrong instead of noting all that is right and good. 

See, it’s not about me at all! I am grateful to see that now and to be able to practice the true art of letting go of the need to please.


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Within each of us is life energy… an energy that we come to this world with and one that continues past our physical death. This energy seems to be a tiny part of a bigger Energetic Whole of the Creative I Am.

This Energy is that which we are borne of. This life energy has always been like a glowing light within us, we only need to shed our earthly egos to let it shine.

Most have felt this energy within themselves as they struggle to live their lives, yet have not recognized it. Few have experienced it’s power in it’s full capacity due to the heavy and dark veils of our egos. 

This is the energy of Love in it’s purest form. Unconditional and affirming, patient and gentle, humble and nurturing, perpetual and persistent; it is the elixir of healing and the foundation for wholeness and peace.

This energy within each of us is the essence of our eternal identity and is truly Divine.

Love is ever-present in our lives. Many times we believe we are lost and alone in the darkness of our circumstances yet we never are. We only need to open our eyes and our hearts to see the love that is there. The love that can lead us through our troubled times may not look like the love we expected or wanted but it is what will save us. This love will lead us to the peace we crave and into the light. Never fear, love is always, always near.❤️Ann

We all get fearful and discouraged sometimes. It is natural to pull into ourselves and withdraw a bit as we protect our hearts and heal our wounds. Yet, we must always remember the source of true healing comes from a Source beyond our self-limiting illusions. When things get you down it is indeed best to look up toward hope, towards faith and towards Love. Love on.❤️Ann

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