Not Just A Blonde

We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

Every intelligent, independent thinking, God-seeking Christian has had to ask this question, even if it’s pondering was brief… “Why did Jesus have to die?”

Because Jesus was human it is understandable he was going to die at some point, as his body would age and biologically break down just by living on this Earth. The question really is… why did he have to die by torture? Why then? Actually, if Jesus is God why at all?

Didn’t God himself write the rule book? Doesn’t God Himself know the ending to all stories, the victories to all the battles past, present & future? With the rule book in hand and the outcome determined… couldn’t there be an easier way?

Perhaps, but God chose this way… and if there is something I’ve begun to learn… it is: God knows best.

God asked someone else to sacrifice his son. For those not terribly familiar with the Bible, I’m referring to the Old Testament’s Abraham who was asked to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac at God’s instruction. Thankfully for Abraham, an angel of God spoke at the last moment and called the whole thing off. Lesson learned.

But what lesson was that? That God would always come through in the end? God (being God) knew what was gonna happen… but Abraham didn’t. I believe God wanted to show Abraham something that mere words could not. God wanted Abraham to know that no matter what He would come through for us in our darkest hour… when everything felt all wrong in the end everything would be all right.

But what about those times in our lives when everything is falling apart, when we are in our darkest hour? What about the times when we’ve lost our way, perhaps lost our job, our home, or at life’s most devastating hour we’ve lost a loved one to death? How are we to cope if that precious loved one is our child?

What about those times when our pain is so great that death itself seems like the better way? These questions can consume us… and envelop us in despair!

I believe that God answered these questions for us just as he did for Abraham.

In the moments of our questioning He wants us to remember He will pull us through! He encourages us to look towards Jesus for His Answer. The story of His death and return to life is the perfect example of His Love. He promises us that all is not lost forever… after a time ALL will be restored, recovered, resolved, repaired and returned to Love.

Jesus didn’t have to die for God’s sake… but for ours! I believe God knew it was the best way, perhaps the only way to show us the way towards Home. He gave to us this ultimate gift as a wake-up call to a sleeping world entranced in their nightmares of separation, sin, and pain.

Jesus died a horrific undeserving death to show us… prove to us that in the end He will always be there for us to pull us through towards our happy ending in Heaven. A Heaven where we will be reunited with those we’ve loved… where our wildest dreams will come true… and all wounds healed, where all that is lost will be found. Jesus lived and died to show us He is the Answer to all our fears… and that Love will conquer all.Image

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