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We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

Sometimes things happen in this life and it’s like the rug is pulled out from underneath us. I don’t understand why God allows for tragedy… and I’m not sure any “reason” uttered right now could even bring peace in this moment. 

Just over a year ago my friend married the man of her dreams… and yesterday he died. 

They were married over a year ago after a courtship that was just several months long because they knew that they were destined to be together. They just knew. 

They started talking on the phone… for hours. He listened to her, he cared about her: her thoughts, her interests, her hopes and her dreams and he wanted to be a part of them. He loved her. 

They had each been married before. Those marriages brought each of them children before their previous marriages dissolved. His three and her one.  After those two married those families blended together and a stranger truly would not be able to tell who belonged to whom as they all belonged to each other. 

He died suddenly and quick. It was in the morning, from the details I’ve gathered. He was returning home from a run before preparing to go out of town to visit family when he collapsed. 

He was her everything and she was his. No signs of poor health or frailty, his death was a total shock. A switch was flipped from ON to OFF, and off he went to the other side. Without her. Without the children. Without living out all the dreams they had planned. Now the dreams live in the minds and hearts of those who loved him… and she loved him. My God, she truly loved him. 

Oh God, how can you say you believe in love? What loving God would separate two souls who are so happy? Why? I don’t understand it. 

Suffering for years in a loveless marriage God allows, and yet she found love and created a family out of two broken families and then death rips that dream… no, that REALITY of love apart. Why? God, why? More than just “it’s not fair”, it’s… it’s cruel! 

If this life is about learning to love unconditionally, it seems that the prize is often not to experience and enjoy this love in this life for very long. 

Perhaps just knowing it exists is the prize? I know it gives me hope and peace. I know every single day that time is never promised. I’m aware that we are mortal and that this life is not eternal but brief. We don’t live here forever. 

I just can’t help but think “Really, God?! Really?” Her love died too soon. It makes no human sense. I can only hope and pray to get my answer one day when I too cross over… hopefully not too soon. 



One thought on “Really God?! Really?

  1. BJF says:

    You reduced me to tears with this one….

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