Not Just A Blonde

We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

On June 1st of this year I went cold turkey on sugar including: processed sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, honey and agave… basically ALL sugars except that which is naturally found in fruit. I learned quite a few things during this challenge… most of those I will share with now, although I may expand on some of these lessons in future days as I navigate life post sugar-detox. 

These are some of the top 30 things I learned during my Sugar-free Journey:

1. Telling a ton of people that you are quitting an addiction (even if for only 30 days) is definitely helpful in making you a success.

2. Sugar is added to the majority of prepackaged and processed foods… even those that aren’t sweet.

3. Sugar is added to quite a bit of prepackaged meats… including bacon! 

4. Eating out at restaurants with diet restrictions is quite stressful and challenging. 

5. You really WILL enjoy fruit smoothies, iced tea and coffee without added sugar or sweetener.

5. Non-sugar junk food and snack foods are often alternatively high in sugar or fat. 😁

6. Sugar cravings can be SO strong at times that you can feel like you are going crazy! 

7. Sugar cravings come in waves… at first like tidal waves, but eventually they subside to smaller and smaller waves that are MUCH easier to surf! 

8. Candida supplements as found at your health food store really help curb sugar cravings! 

9. You can totally enjoy a movie with the family without candy or pop. 

10. Sometimes you really don’t know what you’ve got till its gone… or how addicted you are until you don’t have it! 

11. Sugar addiction is REAL. 

12. The difficulty of ceasing an addictive behavior varies from person to person and addiction to addiction. 

13. Improved ability to relate to and have compassion for other folks who struggle with addiction 

14.  Increased understanding of why some folks would rather be addicted than be tormented by intense cravings for the rest of their lives.

15. While quitting one addiction be aware of the tendency to transfer to another one.

16. Getting rid of sugar for 30 days doesn’t always equate with significant weight loss.

17. Getting rid of sugar for 30 days doesn’t always make you feel more energized.

18. Getting rid of sugar for 30 days doesn’t always help your mental clarity or memory. 

19. Getting rid of sugar for 30 days if you are addicted to it DOES make you feel pretty dang proud of yourself and helps you realize you CAN do hard things… at least for 30 days. 

20. That despite your best efforts and highest intentions sometimes things will go wrong and push you off track.

21. With determination you can get back on track following any set back  and it will only deepen your commitment to your goal.

22. Perfection is a desire of the ego.

23. Taking life one day at a time truly is the best way to accomplish something painful or difficult.

24. Not everyone will understand why you are giving up sugar… or care. It may be the biggest thing you’ve ever done but some folks just don’t want to hear about it. 

25. Some people will want to sabotage you… perhaps just for fun or because they are truly evil. 😈

26. Saying no to sugary treats gets much easier over time so it will be less fun for them to try and tempt you! Ha! 

27.  You feel cared for and loved by the many ways that people encourage you and affirm your attempt to improve yourself and that positivity and support can really energize your efforts! 

28. People become so inspired when other people set a goal, commit to following through with it and accomplish hard things… even if that “hard thing” is quitting sugar for 30 days! 

29. I can do ANYTHING with God who strengthens me! God gave me divine power to do this… even though many times I felt so very weak.

30. I never ever have to struggle alone! 



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