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We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

It’s entirely possible that I would never feel at peace without processed sugar in my diet. It is crazy to think that after 21 days of no processed sugar that I’ve noticed no immediate health or mental benefit of any kind… all I’ve felt is discomfort and subtle cravings. 

I miss sugar. I REALLY miss it. Sure, I’m proud of myself for quitting for this month, but would I do it again? I’m not quite sure. 

There is some good research that says sugar is addictive, and I believe it! I’m just not sure going cold turkey was the best idea. It just feel like a ton of sacrifice for so little gain.

Come July I think I am going to welcome sugar back into my diet. I’ve decided to go sugar-free through July 2nd to make up for the tea mishap on day 14, but after that? Sugar, come to mama! I’m not going to go into binge mode bit my sugar deprivation days will be done! 

Do I sound crazy?! Do I sound like I am rationalizing?! Do I sound like a TOTAL sugar addict?! Ahhh, yes, perhaps I do, but perhaps for some of us living sugar-free just isn’t what it is cracked up to be… at least not for me. 

Maybe ONE DAY I will be brave enough to try Zero Carbs or Whole 30 to see how I feel after 30 days of that… but my plan for July (unless I change my mind as the date comes closer) is to focus on portion size and overall quality by logging onto My Fitness Pal and working out for 30 minutes everyday.

I’m just in a funk. I’m just not happy right now. I am frustrated with how I’m feeling (almost constant subtle cravings, feeling deprived) and just want this month to END already. I think I’ve got a bad case of the Sugar-free Blues.


5 thoughts on “Day 21… I Got The Sugar Free Blues!😰

  1. Ben Nelson says:

    Not crazy. My wife and i did a detox starting back in April, where we progressively dropped 1) beef and pork, 2) sugar, 3) fruit, 4) caffeine, 5) Dairy, 6) all grain, and finally 7) toxins in soaps, shampoos and the like. Then you add stuff back 1 item (not group) at a time, waiting 3 days between each addition to see how your body reacts. By the end of all that, we never did go back to processed sugar, caffeine, gluten or processed dairy. But i have to tell you – sugar was and is by far the hardest. More of an addiction for me than was my 4+ big mugs of coffee per day habit.

    I’m proud of you for sticking it out, and eventually you’ll see some good come out of it.

    if nothing else, when you go back, you will find things taste strikingly sweeter, so you need less to make thinks work.



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    1. Ben, thank you SO much for your comment! I am definitely interested in seeing how I feel if/when I add it back! I’m finally feeling my sugar cravings fade so I’m not sure what I’m gonna do! 😁 Could you please tell me what unprocessed dairy is and where do you get it? I’m VERY impressed with you two and may consider it in the future! 😀

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      1. Ben Nelson says:

        well – unprocessed may be overstating it – but there are forms of dairy that are casein and lactose free naturally – like Kefir (which we make at home) which tastes basically like yogurt. and aged cheeses, what we call real cheese. Whole foods actually sells old school un-homogenized milk, but at least here in NJ it’s not legal to sell unpasteurized milk (or raw milk) which they tell me is better, but that may be overboard too.

        We were doing Dr. Sara Gottfried’s Hormone reset diet.

        The really crazy thing was how much my energy picked up when i dropped sugar and caffein. I was not expecting that at all.

        the other thing we found was a natural sweetner that really really has no bad aftertaste at all, and zero calories. We’ve been using erythritol – we like this brand –

        sorry if i sound like i’m hyping this stuff, but maybe some of it will help.

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      2. Ben, honestly I really appreciate it very much! Thank you! 😊

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  2. BJF says:

    Perhaps you can try again later, but not do it cold turkey. I hate to see you beating yourself up like this. It breaks my heart.

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