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We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

I’ve officially made it a dozen days without processed sugar and sugar substitutes! I’m noticing how I still tend to gravitate towards carbs and I wonder if that will EVER change?! What is with my biology that carb loaded foods just sound more appealing?! I dunno, but they do. Still, breaking the habit of eating and drinking sugary fare has kept the scale from creeping up and I’m still -2# from where I was when I started this 30 Day Sugar-Free Challenge, so that’s good, right?! 😜 

I’m sure my pancreas is thanking me for giving it a break from all that sugar regulation and in the long-term that is my main objective: avoid getting diabetes. The cravings are down a bit and I attribute that to eating protein AND to the Candida Support supplement I’m taking too. I’m taking advantage of all the tricks of survival that I can! 😉 

I am not as hungry all of the time either and that is SO nice! So, on I go headed straight to day 13 tomorrow! Bring it on! 😝


(Journaled on June 12th, shared with you today!) 

7 thoughts on “A Dozen Days Done Without Sugar

  1. silentwindofchange says:

    Why would you plan to quit at 30?


  2. silentwindofchange says:

    Add juicing for at least one meal, juicing not smoothies. Then you will see changes.

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    1. I will have to try that and let you know! How long until I feel a benefit? I’m not impatient or anything! 😉


      1. silentwindofchange says:

        In about 5 weeks I lost 22 lbs. I drink green juice for lunch. I am a guy and 6’1. I started at 236 and am now 214 and continuing to lose weight. I also walk every day. This movie inspired me. I also bought the exact juicer used in the video. Most important, this is a life change. The video talks a bout a 60 day juice fast but my results are based on mainly just one juice for lunch and occasionally one for breakfast or mid day snack.


      2. I could totally do that!!

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      3. silentwindofchange says:

        If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask

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      4. I definitely won’t hesitate! Thanks for the link! 😊


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