Not Just A Blonde

We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

So what, you messed up? You say you feel like a filthy piece of garbage at the bottom of a dumpster in the back alley behind a sleazy bar? You feel like a loser? You feel like trash? Before you throw away the rest of your life… before you give up on your future… before you silence any of your dreams… listen to me: Stop.

Your shame will only imprison you longer. You are much more than any mistake. God can use you in ways that you would never be able to be used before you wandered off the more direct path towards Him. Yes, He can even transform your mistakes into something good if you let Him! 

 To be tempted and to taste darkness is to be human. Everyone sins. Everyone stumbles. Everyone sucks at one time or another. That’s just a fact. Make no mistake… no matter how far off track you have been, no matter how dark the trail, once you decide you’ve had enough all you gotta do is call out to God to help you find your way. Once you fix your eyes on Him you will immediately find yourself on a path that will lead you back towards Love; there you will find your purpose and your peace.



2 thoughts on “You Sinned… So What?

  1. jesuswithoutbaggage says:

    Blonde, this is beautifully written! ~Tim


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