Not Just A Blonde

We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

Energy-drainers and complainers… we cross their paths at school, at work, at the grocery store and even within our own families. You know who they are! They are the toxic people that infiltrate our lives!

Toxic folks are the ones that interrupt a peace-filled or positive moment with their negative rants and sulky body-language. They try to “keep it real” and by “real” I mean their negative version of reality! They are those who after sharing their version of “reality” leave us feeling tired, blue or downright depressed.

“What just happened here?” we might think. Often, we are left feeling less peaceful, less positive and less hope-filled… and slightly disoriented! Energy-takers under the guise of “keeping it real”, steal our harmony and leave us feeling disconnected, discouraged and slightly afraid.

Often we can recognize these folks before they utter a word. Their scowls comfortably settled upon their facades. Their eyes avoid looking at you directly as if your light might blind them. They talk at you – not with you. They are easily angered, but not easily consoled.

If the energy-drainers and complainers don’t make themselves known upon first glance, their identities will be revealed when they open their mouths. Their “nevers”, “always” and complaining wearing us down… word by word. We are slowly poisoned by their sour moods.

Their monologues of malcontent only break for the next opportunity to release their latest criticism. Pessimism and negativity are the lenses they look through towards the world. Any other way of viewing life is simply “childish or niave”… we must be “stupid” not to agree.

Oh, but what should we do… what can we do? How do we cope, how do we stay strong and hope-filled? If I were out in public my natural impulse is to walk (run?) in another direction. With enough strength perhaps I could shoot them a smile of hope as I briskly walk-away.

Mostly, I just find myself holding my breath and praying immediately for strength and guidance… strength and guidance to move forward without being infected by toxic energy! I try to remember to breathe… and let go: breathe and let the negativity pass like a storm.

But what if we are unable to escape their presence? Do we try to save ourselves or do we selflessly stay and hope our positivity will rub off? What on Earth would Jesus do?

Jesus would likely stay put. He’d relax and let the Holy Spirit’s energy lift their mood. He would talk with compassion not judgement, he would offer a better way without coercion or contempt. Jesus would Love.

The loving thing to do is to smile, ask God for help not to absorb their negative energy, listen to their pain… and respond in silent prayer. By doing this we might divert the pain upward towards Heaven, to God. Prayer indeed is what is needed to survive life around these energy-sucking souls! Pray for a cloak of protection, for calm within the the storm… for strength! This will buffer us from absorbing the toxicity and will direct it towards God, the true source of healing.

Spending quality time with those that encourage us, rejuvenate us and inspire us is important as well! Particularly, time with our God, the ultimate Source of all that is good… and most powerful off ALL energies: Love. He knows we need others and if we open ourselves up to Him he will lead us to others that rejuvenate our souls… and give us the positive energy we need to carry on in His Light.

Energy-drainers and complainers do not have to ruin our days or our lives! By responding in love, with prayer, and spending time with positive-energy folks we may be able to be a vessel of healing to these injured souls. With each soul healed we bring more of God’s Love to Earth. Love is the only possible anecdote to the toxic person’s poison! This Love is what it’s all about… and there is nothing toxic about that!

❤️Ann ‘Not Just A Blonde’


3 thoughts on “Energy-Drainers and Complainers

  1. rita kowats says:

    Thanks, Ann. This is such a timely topic to pursue. I would like to think that Jesus would also eventually set boundaries as he did with the merchants in the Temple. We are called to love ourselves as well, and not expected to be ongoing victims of the same person’s negative diatribes.


    1. Excellent point! I absolutely agree! Boundaries are very important. I believe we cannot love others until we love and respect ourselves and that includes setting boundaries and not being a punching bag for another. Loving someone does NOT mean living with them or spending time with them in an excessive amount. I’m also NOT talking about “users and abusers”… that’s another post for another day! 😉

      Having said that, I do believe we often underestimate the power of a loving attitude. No one should tolerate mistreatment, however no one should leave the presence of an energy-drainer/complainer without wishing for them better good. Their attitudes are likely a cry out for love.

      We cannot give what we do not have, thus we must always make sure we are energized and cloaked with God’s love or we will go right down the drain with them! 😉 Rita, thank you for your comment! It is always SO nice to hear from you! ❤️Ann


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