Not Just A Blonde

We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

Most folks know what being a Christian is… but what is a Progressive Christian? I was recently asked that by someone on the The Ministry of Progressive Christianity‘s Facebook Page where I “minister” as an admin. Actually, it didn’t take me but a moment to answer and this is what I believe being a Progressive means:

Progressive Christians don’t take the Bible literally but read it in the context of the culture and time it was written. We understand that some things may and often are mistranslated due to language limitations.

When in doubt Progressives choose love over judgement, peace over war, and social justice over power. We do not believe being gay is a sin, we fight for those who are oppressed, and we reach out with compassion and resources to those who have the least.

Progressive Christians do not try to define God or limit God, but to learn about Him with an open heart and mind. Jesus is who we follow not just by his words or how he lived, but how he loved. We believe that God is Love and Love is all that really matters.

❤️Ann ‘Not Just A Blonde’



6 thoughts on “Progressive & Proud!

  1. BJF says:

    Thank you for lighting the world with your love and grace. And lighting my life with your friendship. 🙂

    ~ BJF


    1. ❤️I’m so happy our paths crossed & I am especially grateful for your friendship as well!


  2. Blonde, this is a wonderful description of progressive Christianity! So much in such few words.

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    1. Oh, I’m glad you think so! It’s encouraging to me to find other like-minded Christians who are desiring to grow in faith towards the Christ as we relate to personally… without the “baggage” as you so eloquently describe. Progressiveness to me is an openness to relate Jesus as He revels Himself in my life and in the context of today, not locked in the past in a culture of a distant land, in a different language and a different time. I’m ever so grateful for your blog Tim, as He has revealed Himself to me through your writings as well! How awesome is that?! 😊 I am so grateful as well to the other believers that have come into my life as I continue to grow in my faith! I truly am at peace walking on this progressive path! ❤️


      1. Keep walking that path!

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