Not Just A Blonde

We are "Not Just" who we seem to be on this Earthly plane, but so much more. We are ALL children of a loving God who is calling us home to Love. This blog is dedicated to those of us on that journey together…

Have you ever felt like things in your life were somehow not right? You start your days feeling frustrated, confused, almost restless, not sure exactly what was wrong, just knowing things weren’t as they should be? You weren’t at Peace but you couldn’t say why!

I’ve been in this situation several times in my life! I tried working even harder, the whole time thinking “Surely this will give me greater satisfaction and Peace”, only to find myself feeling more lost & alone than ever! When I pushed on with extra effort towards my goals things continued to go wrong… and as I tried with all my might, my way contined to be blocked again & again! The harder I worked the more my goals seemed to be just out of reach! The more I pursued my plan, the more I felt disconnected from God.

I’ve always thought “work hard and it will pay off” and although I don’t dispute that idea on one level, on another I feel it is all wrong. If we aren’t on the right path no matter what we do, it will never be right or bring us (lasting) Peace. Stress, anxiety, and worry are an indicator I am once again jogging along my own self-directed path, not along the path God desires for me.

Not too long ago I worked at a job I loved, with people I loved. I showed up everyday wanting to give 100% and doing my personal best. Was I perfect? Absolutely not! But I really tried, after all, I was doing what I loved with people that I loved, yet over time, something just wasn’t right.

At first, I couldn’t put my finger on it. I noticed I wasn’t being treated the same. Something changed, was it me? I didn’t think so, however over time I was feeling more and more misunderstood and misjudged by my superiors. I felt like I no longer fit. The more I tried the more I felt the sting of failure. Trying my best, I just could not get it right! I was stressed, anxious, and felt anything but Peaceful!

After lots & lots of thought and contemplation I realized what others thought about me and how they reacted towards me was out of my control. Feeling disheartened, mistreated and betrayed I knew I couldn’t change the dynamic of where I was…I could only change me… and so far, on my own even that wasn’t enough. So, I gave up. I went to God. I opened myself up the Plan as offered by Him. I was willing to embrace a better way… one that I was unable to visualize for myself.

Once I opened myself up and resigned my will of staying… a miraculous thing happened! Another opportunity crossed my path…one that fit me even better! A smaller workplace (I often felt overwhelmed by the commotion and noise level of my previous job), better hours that allowed me to be home when my children were out of school (my last job was demanding an evening shift and had increased the frequency of working week-ends), and where I felt appreciated and valued for my gifts & strengths!

I was at Peace once again as I was “back on track” where God needed me and desired me to be!

To some looking at me from the outside leaving my previous job didn’t make sense! Leaving security to start again in a new company with all of the unknowns. I was even warned by some to “Be careful!” & “Watch out!” Good intentioned folk were sincerely worried I was making a big mistake. And maybe it did look foolish from the outside, but deep down I knew better… I knew I wasn’t supposed to stay were I was… I was called by Him to move on His Path. His call was no risk… it was the answer to my prayers.

God does indeed work in mysterious and miraculous ways. To be where God wants me living my purpose brings a fulfillment and Peace like Heaven on Earth! Crossing the bridge of Faith proved to me once again the love of His ways!

The next time you are stuck amidst stress & unhappiness or feeling disconnected from your Creator, just ask “Am I on the Path God desires for me or am I suffering needlessly as I try to make it on my own?” If you open yourself up by asking for direction, God will always answer you! He will gladly set your soul’s GPS to His way… the High-Way… the way towards Peace… towards Heaven… towards Him.

*(Post was reblogged from published 3/3/13)

4 thoughts on “My Way… Or the High-Way (to Heaven)?

  1. proverbsway says:

    I’m living this out right now .. Thank you for this one 😉 What a blessing!


    1. It takes me a bit sometimes to take the Holy hint and realize He may have a better way for me! 🙂 I am glad this reminder that God has plans for us was a blessing to you as well!


  2. Sandra says:

    I can relate in reverse. I felt called by God to give up a job I loved, felt valued in, looked forward too, paid well with a great boss and wonderful, people – to go to work in my church office full time. They were in a transition and could not afford to hire more staff. I volunteered and worked for free for two years as a volunteer admin for the SeniormPastor. The job change and different environment tested me in so many ways. Much like the job you left. Not what I expected. From the outside world and to my Christian friends it was crazy… Yet I would do it all again. Very nice blog. Thanks for stopping by throughthebibletogether appreciated the “like”.


    1. I am always amazed at how He leads us to where we need to be even if to us (and to others) it just doesn’t make sense at all at the time or in this Earthly plane! I thank you as well for your comment! ❤


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